Jesse Palmer This is where it’s at all times! 

This is the first time Bachelor host and retired New York Giants quarterback has been killing it On Clayton Echard‘s season. CelebHomes News’ Jesse said in an exclusive interview that he would be open to discussing hosting the next season of the series.

He stated, “It has been such an extraordinary time.” “If they want to have these conversations, I would be completely open to it. 

Although the 44-year old is open to spending more time at Bachelor Mansion, there are other matters he must attend to before he thinks about it. 

He said, “I have so much on my hands right now.” “I’ve got this football player who is six feet-six…and I just want to help him get to the finish.”

He added, “Right at the moment it’s kinda like that football mentality. The feeling is, “Alright, next play.” Let’s shift the chains. Let’s make another attempt at getting the first one down. Let’s make Clayton the first rose recipient. This is my current focus.