Jensen AcklesHis will be his forever Supernatural family.

He and his co-star Jared Padalecki called time on the series after 15 years on the air and 327 episodes. In a June 9 interview, he reflected on his experience. Late Night with Seth Meyers, saying it was a “long, long run” for the cast “but there was a reason why we all stuck around though because we just truly enjoyed it.”

Cast and crew became close friends over the years. Jensen explained, “We experienced so much together as both a crew, and as cast, that at the end, it was a very sad goodbye but one that we each felt that we had truly earned.”

The star was able to spend time with family members since the end of the series in November 2020. Jensen joined forces recently with Supernatural showrunner Eric KripkePrime Video The BoysHe stars in the movie O.G. supe Soldier Boy.