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The kitchen, for many of us, is an important place in our homes, regardless of whether or not we’re chefs and food-delivery enthusiasts. Jenny SlateCelebHomes: “Cooking has always been my favorite activity to calm my mind and feel at ease. My kitchen is a place where I can display my plates, pots, and bowls as practical decorations. My kitchen is my small lab, where I can create delicious treats and have peace. The kitchen is a popular spot in her home. Ice cream is a must.

Jenny partnered with Tillamook Creamier Ice Cream for its Scoop Creamier Grand Sweeps contest, which is a chance to win a trip for two to visit the Creamier Ice Cream Headquarters. 

Jenny also shared her passion for Tillamook Ice Cream. Jenny explained, “Not only are they famous for their 30 standout flavor options, but they’ve been making it since 1947!” With more cream that industry standards call for. They don’t take any shortcuts and use no artificial flavors or preservatives – and I promise, you can taste the difference.” 

Jenny also gave CelebHomes a peek at some of the must-haves she keeps in her kitchen.