Maddie is ready to reunite with Chimney and her baby! Oder, Jennifer Love Hewitt is at least.

Hewitt was forced to leave Fox’s 9-1-1, after three years on the show, to take maternity leave back in October—leading to an abrupt exit of her character, Maddie Buckley. In a recent interview the actress, 43 years old, revealed that she’s back and available to answer fans’ questions. 

“The way Maddie left was very extreme—and the way that I was feeling when I left was very extreme because I was very pregnant,” Hewitt told Entertainment Weekly. “I believe the audience has many questions. All of these questions will be addressed, which makes me feel great. [March 28].”

Maddie Buckley, a Hewitt actress, dropped her newborn daughter off at the Fire Station 118 and then fled town.

“It was strange to go so far. Hewitt stated that he was thrilled to return to work. “Definitely weird coming back to work with a five-month-old—especially the work that I do on the show, which is some of the heavier stuff—but it was really exciting. “I was thrilled to return and share Maddie’s story with people and answer lots of their questions.”