Be ready to celebrate because Morgan Simianer is engaged! 

Netflix star and Netflix documentary series. Cheer accepted a proposal from her love, Stone BurlesonIt was on 26 March. “On Saturday, the woman of my dreams blessed my entire world by saying ‘Yes,'” the future groom wrote on Instagram. Morgan Lyn Simianer! I cannot wait to share my life with your company!”

And Morgan couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter, either. She wrote, “He stole mine heart so I am stealing his last name.” I can’t wait for my best friend to get married. Stone, I love you completely. 

Based on PeopleStone proposed to Navarro College cheerleading alumnus at Dallas’ HALL Arts Hotel. An alumna of Navarro College cheerleading thought she was headed to an interview and photoshoot for her former coach. Monica AldamaThe magazine was still going, but the editor soon realized what was really happening.