“What would happen to my mom if anyone tried to intervene? She’d completely ignore them.” She would go cold,” said the I’m Glad My Mom Died author shared. “If my dance teacher had kept pressing, I am sure that my mom would have pulled me out. It wouldn’t have been possible to attend that ward, if somebody had spoken something. “She could not even be challenged,” she said.

Jennette stated that she started acting out because of the frustration and anger she felt as she attempted to manage all her expectations in relation to her career and personal lives.  

It was also difficult for her to share her struggles with fame with others, not even with her castmates.  

My mom made it clear to me that this was something I should be thankful for. Jennette said that this was what Jennette and I have worked for our entire lives. She had all of the stage mom phrases to ensure that I didn’t feel any discomfort.  

Following her mom’s passing in 2013, Jennette said she noticed her “self-destructive ways were as life-threatening as they were” and began therapy.  

She said, “That brought me to the place where I could accept that my mother was abusive.” My mom died in 1994. I was very much the same person that I was during her life. It was very painful and slow moving. 

Jennette said, “Coming to terms the truth of my life was difficult. It wasn’t easy. Through consistent exploration and work, it was possible to become free and heal.”  

Now, ahead of the release of her memoir, Jennette is in a much healthier frame of mind. She shared that she is in a positive place. “I am more satisfied than ever, which is something I wish wasn’t so new but it is for me.”