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Jenna Dewan’s DSW shoe selections look sophisticated and chic. They are also versatile.

“I really chose this collection to be something for every woman out there,” the actor, producer, and dancer told CelebHomes News. “I feel like there is something for everybody whether you’re working out, going out with your girlfriends, or you’re on a first date. The program is designed to be relatable and fit into every area of someone’s life.

The 21-piece collection features styles that are all under $150, so you can find an affordable style that will fit into any part of your lifestyle this spring and summer. Jenna loves monochromatic and says she can’t wait to see what trends she will be wearing this season. 

Jenna: “I’m just playing.” I think that it is fun to experiment with fashion in spring, especially.

When asked where she gets her style inspiration, Jenna says she is inspired by her daughter, street style, and people who are trendsetting in their own way like Emma Chamberlain.

Scroll below for cute styles that will look great all summer, including chic heels and comfortable sandals in pink Birkenstocks.