As the trial for her alleged involvement in a telemarketing scheme approaches, Jen Shahshe is asking to have criminal charges against herself dropped

CelebHomes News received court documents that were filed at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Nov. 30, as well as CelebHomes News’ Dec. 1 copy, which included attorneys for the Salt Lake City’s Real HousewivesStar asked for a dismissal of her case. She argued that Shah was not entitled to fair trials because she had been exposed by ABC News.

Titled The Housewife & the Shah ShockerThis documentary focuses on the federal probe into Shah (47) and her assistant. Stuart Smith, who have also been accused of defrauding hundreds of victims in a nationwide telemarketing scam.

The doc features interviews from two Homeland Security Investigations agents, and according to Shah’s legal team, the agents shared details about the star’s case that were not publicly available and “opined on her involvement with the alleged scheme, her ‘lavish lifestyle,’ and her alleged treatment of purported victims.”