Gather together Jazmyn SimonSet your table at the dinner table, and be ready to tell it.

Both her actress husband and her actor husband. Dulé HillMAKE A 17-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER KennedyA son for 3 years LeviBoth parents want to create a place where feelings can be expressed and encouraged.

“I ask Kennedy, ‘How was school today?’ and I don’t want to hear, ‘Fine,'” Jazmyn said in an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News. I want to hear both the best and the worst, and she will tell me. No subject is too difficult.” 

Jazmyn said, “Even Levi, many little boys are taught to be tough,” Jazmyn added. We don’t teach that. He is taught that you can feel all emotions and that you’re allowed to experience them. My children have never told me anything that could stop them from loving them.

But with open communication comes honest revelations. Jazmyn was shocked when her daughter was riding in the backseat of her car at the age of 3 and out of the blue, she told her mom, “I want to be pretty. My skin must be fair.