The past is the past. But this cliche doesn’t apply to Chandler (fans of Friends know who he is). If you’ve never seen at least one episode of this long-running hit TV show, then shame on you. Just kidding, but seriously………Ever since the finale of the show, good ole Matthew Perry has had good post-Friends success. He was in a dramatic movie titled “Numb” and “17 Again,” alongside Zac Efron. Funny coincidence…………Matt’s latest work can be seen in the new TV comedy, “Go On.” In speaking of going on, Perry’s mind has been at ease since the sale of his generous 4,100 sq ft Hollywood Hills home. It took 2 years for the house to sell. That’s phenomenal, whether Matthew was desperately in need of money or not.

The 3 bed and 3.5 bath was built in 1955, and man was it renovated! It’s elegant inside and out. The two-story residency sits on 0.34 acres and offers full landscape views of LA. Normally, you need to step outside your home out into the patio to grasp the wonderful experience of seeing distant city landscapes come to life at night. It isn’t the case with Perry’s former casa. Such views can be seen via a nearby living room. The new owner(s) are treated to fireplaces, pool and hot tub, and a movie theater room. One of the rooms in the house can serve as an office or meeting room. All of this for $4.685 million? Seems like your persistence paid off fairly well, Matt.

Address: 2415 Carman Crest Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068