Jason Gray-Stanford says he feels “lucky” to be alive after a battle with heart failure.

An essay written by me. Today on Feb. 25, the MonkThe heart transplant was November 2020, and the former student described his harrowing experiences. According to the 51-year-old, the entire ordeal first began in 2018, when he noticed that his heart was “beating oddly” while filming in Vancouver, Canada, and went to the emergency room for treatment.

Jason was quickly diagnosed with stage 1 and blood clots. A condition where the heart doesn’t pump blood efficiently as it should, Jason received treatment. “I grappled with the diagnosis and also denied it,” he recalled, noting that he immediately started medication. It felt impossible for me to be so sick.

Jason stated that his health had been stable for awhile due to the medicine. However, things turned around in December 2019, when Jason blacked himself out during a spin class.