Michael Jackson may no longer be with us. But, his sister, who continues to strongly do the Jackson name justice (although being married and carrying the last name “Mana) and do her brother proud, is alive and kicking. She’s still putting out music (is reportedly working on a new album). As for cinema, that appears to have come to a halt despite having a deal with Lion’s Gate. That’s fine, because Janet has been dancing in other things, one of which is real estate. It was reported back in February that Janet had her “Trump” apartment up for rent at $35,000 a month, which is $5,000 more than one of Rihanna’s pads in Cali, who is one out of a bunch who became inspired through her life-long work.

There’s no telling whether the condo that practically hugs Central Park has taken up new tenants or not. Lets talk about it anyway, because it’s worth talking about. The lavishing 3 bed and 3.5 bath would have people at “Trump” alone. Sitting atop the Trump International on the 34th floor, it overlooks a nearby chunk of Central Park beautifully. It has a good amount of living space (2,093 sq ft), as well as amenities: walk-in closet, personal washer/dryer, health club, pool, spa services, maid service, 24-hour room service, attended lobby, valet parking as desired (regular parking’s available), and a line of shopping/dining/entertainment spots within a walk’s reach.

Address: 1 Central Park W #34-A, New York NY 10023