Astin said, “Most times, at the end of series, two people that you wish to get together get together and it’s almost final. While I agree that they will eventually be together, I also believe they are a great team. Jane was my best friend and Jane was her boyfriend/girlfriend. I loved exploring the dynamic. 

Can you imagine a Zoey’s musical wedding be in the works? 

Levy looked even farther ahead Zoey’s Extraordinary Labor. 

“She is having a child and listening to the baby sing. Levy laughed and suggested that maybe this is what she wanted to do.

As Astin pointed out, “We’ve shown with this movie that these characters can exist anywhere, with any background—whether it’s holiday or movie-form,” so why not take it one step further? 

At the moment, Astin holds out hope that there will be more Zoey’s The future. 

He said, “This was something extremely special and singular and I don’t just want to kind of do everything next.” “I really am just kind of waiting for some thing to come my way. Zoey’s did.” 

Zoey’s Christmas Extraordinary You can stream it now via the Roku Channel