Why 1,000-lb. Sisters’ Tammy Refuses to Workout

Tammy is not to be trusted. 

During an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode of TLC’s 1,000-lb. Sisters, airing Dec. 6, Tammy calls her nurse TisaShe was “crazy” to encourage exercise before her weight loss surgery. 

“What’s the plan for today?” Tisa asks Tammy. The weather outside is great today. Let’s consider that. 

Tisa confesses that Tammy needs to be able to move to the mailbox and get out of her wheelchair. Tisa pleads for her to do it. But I believe she is at an age where she feels scared, embarrassed and perhaps a bit ashamed. She needs to be able to move around. 

Tammy confirms that Tisa does not fully sympathize with Tammy’s situation. Tammy says that she doesn’t believe Tisa fully understands my pain tolerance and the struggles I face just to get up from the toilet. “I’m not scared of s––t.”