Britney Lynn and Jamie Lynn are engaged in a verbal war over social media. The conflict stemmed in part from Jamie Lynn’s recent interview. ABC NewsPromotion of her new book.

Jamie Lynn was criticized for the sit-down. She spoke out about an accusation Britney made in her memoir. Britney claimed that Britney locked Britney in a room and used a knife to kill her. Britney tweeted on January 14 that she had denied making the claim and said, “I’ve never been in a room with you ever with any knife”
Now she is announcing her new book, Get in touch with her DaddyJamie Lynn, a podcast interviewee, recalled her emotions about the incident.
She stated, “I believe that people should remember, I’m telling a story about the experience I had.” It was a scary experience that I had. I felt really unsafe…I think it’s important that I say that, because I didn’t understand it. When I was young, it was me. Just knowing that I was scared made me feel really afraid. It wasn’t like she was afraid of me in any way, but I felt it strange. It was confusing to me.”