What is the best way to find a Real Housewives of New Jersey casting shakeup ahead?

Season 13 is well under way, and rumors about the future of season 13 are circulating. Jackie GoldschneiderOnline, the ‘Housewife Standing’ has been a hot topic especially since after Frank CataniaJackie’s ex-husband and co-star,? Dolores Catania, hinted at her possible demotion to “friend-of” in a recent interview.

Jackie confirmed to CelebHomes News, that although she cannot confirm the rumors or discredit them, she said exclusively to CelebHomes News she was currently filming “all the time”.

She revealed that she filmed “I filmed yesterday”, and is filming tomorrow. “So really, no matter what Bravo’s decides—and sometimes they make these decisions at the last second—no matter what they decide, I go into filming doing the same exact thing that I’ve been doing for the past five years.”

Jackie continued, “I’m really okay with anything, because it’s out of my hands. I do not know the final decision they will make. Whatever they decide, I am fine with that.”