It A League of Their Own series will also introduce new characters, including Chanté AdamsMax Chapman (a Black pitcher who is based upon three women): Jacobson noted that their stories are “fu–ing extraordinary” and Penny Marshall in the film was “nodding to them when a foul ball is thrown back at her by a Black woman.

Max doesn’t only get used to talk about race within the league. As Chanté told The Hollywood ReporterShe said, “She’s many and wants to be called only one thing.” “She’s trying to find out who she really is.”

More than that, the series will openly discuss sexuality and gender identity, which Marshall merely alluded to in her film. These topics were important for the creators because they had to consider how the impact on the actors. Graham said, “As we started to look more into the stories underneath it, we were like, ‘Oh, there’s a gigantic story here that hasn’t been told about queer women and women of color and ultimately joy—the work that goes into joy and finding a way to do the thing that you love in a world that doesn’t want you to.”