Jack Harlow We won’t stand for any bad mouthing Lil Nas X.

This was proven by the “WHATS POPPIN” artist during 2022 Grammy Awards. CelebHomes was able to speak with the artist specifically. Laverne CoxJack said that Jack has a message of hope for people who care about the LGBTQ+ community and their hip hop music.

His sole words were “Wake Up!” CelebHomes: Grammys. You are a jerk. It’s ridiculous.”

What about his “Industry Baby”, collaborator? Jack shared nothing but positive words about his “Industry Baby” collaborator, saying, “He is trailblazing an path that, you’ll know, it’s tragic that it must be trailblazed. It’s incredible, I think. He’s innovating the game—and it’s fresh, it’s powerful and it’s necessary.”

Jack also shared his admiration for Lil Nas X by saying that he owed him “a lot” for the Grammys. Before he performed at the Grammys, Jack added that he was grateful to Nas X.