Billy PorterThis is “living proof” authenticity is the key for success.

The 2022 Grammys will feature the following: PoseStar spoke to CelebHomes Live!‘s Laverne Cox about the boundaries they’ve broken, saying that his presence at the Las Vegas event is a reminder that anything is possible. And while he always knew that he was capable of being successful, the star said he didn’t know he could “be myself.”

Billy explained that he was trying to become someone else. I was trying to make myself masculine enough so that I could fit in. It didn’t go so well.

The actor, who is presenting a category at the ceremony, added that he only saw true progress in his career when he started “being authentic and myself.”

Billy stated, “All of the sudden, things started to happen.” “So I’m happy. It’s nice.”

Billy shared he and Laverne are “living proof” of the power of authenticity, adding, “We, in this space, give the whole world permission [to be themselves.]”