Jack Black may be in his 40’s, but he’s still axing away. The lead vocalist/guitarist/actor is well known in music, along with co-wingman Kyle Gass, through Tenacious D. They’ve performed at 2010’s Blizz Con, collaborated with various other celebrities in 2012 to produce the single “Book People Unite,” and worked with the animated metal group, Dethklok. The duo are actually planning on coming out with another album in 2017, as Black stated in an interview. When it comes to real estate though, Black prefers to be with the wifey.

Their former remodeled home on Eastwood Rd in LA is currently on the market for $2.899 million. The high ceilings and large standard of living this place has may want to make you scream your throat off and play air guitar at the same time. There’s more to be had, though, in this 3,906 sq ft abode. The backside of the house can be peered through easily. The eyes will end up gazing through glass windows and observing the backyard from the inside on both floors.

A handful of amenities are included with the 4 bed/3 bath floor plan: gated entry, attached parking garage, furnished kitchen, fireplace, outdoor lounge, intercom, security system, personal sprinkler system, yard fencing, pool, jetted tub, and central AC.

Address: 8538 Eastwood Rd, Los Angeles CA 90046