Richard Sherman and Jamal Crawford may be in different sports leagues. But, interestingly, Crawford was born in the same state where the NFL team that Sherman currently plays for is stationed to play home games. Could it be coincidence that Sherman looked Crawford up and noticed that he resided in Washington and wanted to be closer to his team’s headquarters? We can stop brainstorming now, because Richard has been recently dubbed as the “Owner of What’s Now Jamal’s Former Maple Valley Mini-mansion.”

The property consists of a single family (or multiple, perhaps) 9,435 sq ft home, 4 bedrooms, 6.25 bathrooms, and roughly 5 acres. The home consists of three levels and awe-inspiring ceilings. There’s also a large indoor swimming pool with a big screen TV! Don’t tell me that’s not cool. That’s just one amenitie to be had out of a whole bunch. To name some more; gated entry, sprinkler system, security system, fireplace to warm up by after a long season, fully furnished kitchen, and unoccupied rooms for fitness equipment so Sherman can maintain a top shape.

Address: 20133 SE 206th St, Maple Valley WA 98038