A pop diva showdown.

The tribute artists featured on this week’s all-new episode of CelebHomes’s Clash of the Cover Bands had big shoes to fill, and even after watching this snippet of their performances, there’s no way to tell who came out on top. 

Taking the stage in front of judges Meghan Trainor? Adam Lambert Ester Dean were Connie Pena, covering the music Jennifer Lopez, Katie Murdock, covering the music Britney Spears.

A $10,000 prize and a $25,000 top prize are available, along with the chance to perform on. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonConnie and Katie felt the pressure because their lives were at stake.

However, the show must go on! In the clip, Connie steps out first, rocking a classic J.Lo ensemble and one of the singer’s signature hairstyles. She seems to charm both her and the audience when she performs “Love Don’t Price a Thing.” AndThe judges.