Did you get a hint? Knives are OutThat somehow managed to sneak past the screen?
In the past few months, there have been rumors about a relationship between these two. Chris Evans Selena Gomez have floated around on social media, and fans are convinced the two have secretly begun dating. Now, fast forward to the weekend. Taylor SwiftSelena was pictured by Selena in a TikTok that she uploaded. You might think it sounds harmless enough.
When the camera panted to the right, the Only Murders can be found in a Building star, fans couldn’t help but feel like they’d seen her cozy white cable knit sweater somewhere before—most notably on the actor in the 2019 flick Knives are Out.
The frenzy is here.
One Twitter user stated that “not Selena or Chris Evans have the same sweater.” wrote. Another tweetedUHM, WHY DOES SELENA SWEATER REMEINDME OF THAT SWEATER KNIVES OUT WORN BY CHIRIS EVANS?” One TikToker uploaded a video featuring the clip of Selena in her cable-knit, followed by a pic Chris wearing his Thank youThe sweater is similar in style.