Joseph Baena is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old actor was inspired to do so in part because he grew up watching his own father, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, star in iconic films like TerminatorPredator Total Recall. He explained this during CelebHomes News. Daily PopDecember 20, 2012: “I mean my dad is an stallion. “He’s a man’s guy, I love to think and look up to him. So in a way, he’s influenced a lot of things: the path that I have taken with acting, with fitness and my physique and the many other things that I’m doing.”

Is Joseph an influencer of a particular film by his dad?

There are a lot great films he’s made, but it is hard to pick your favorite. [and] your favorite action film,” Joseph said.

This being said Terminator 2His “favorite” will always remain his.