Taylor Swift & More Celebrities React After Roe v. Wade Decision

Attention: This article may contain sexual assault. 

Ireland BaldwinShe shares some of her most intimate experiences.  

Two days after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade June 24, the 26-year-old opened up about being raped while “completely unconscious” as a teenager.

“It changed the course of my life,” Baldwin said in a TikTok video. I never shared my story with anyone, and not even for many years. I was only told by a nurse, who took me in shortly thereafter. My boyfriend, my parents and no one else knew the truth. I kept that secret inside of me for years, and because I did, it caused a lot of hurt and a lot of pain to me and to people I love.”

At the time, Baldwin said she “harbored so much pain and so much guilt” and began to feel as though she had lost control of her life. “I drank a lot more. She continued, “I partied a lot.” “I self-medicated. Other toxic and abusive relationships had been established with me. “I did what I could to distract myself.”