Ireland stated that she is often “always sexualized” in articles she reads about her. She also finds it unfair to compare her professional success with her parents’.

“I know that my decision to work in the entertainment industry will of course bring on the constant comparison to the achievements of both my parents, and I continue to embrace the parts of myself that are indeed like them,” she said. “But, I am extremely excited to show the person that I am as well as the person of which I’m very proud.”  

She added, “I don’t give a f–k what you think about how I look, what I wear, what I think and say, and damn does it feel good to get to this point.” 

Alec was honest about his feelings. Good Morning America in 2017 that the pig comment still gets “thrown” in his face. He said, “There’s people who constantly admonish and attack me and use it as a spearhead to do this.” Because it is constantly being picked on by others, it can leave a scarlet scab which will never heal.

The Saturday Night Live actor knows it “hurt” his daughter “in a permanent way.” Based on the latest Instagram photo, however, it seems like she has made many strides on her healing path.