There is a lot of buzz about Ireland BaldwinThis is the new look.

The 26-year-old—who is the daughter of Alec BaldwinAnd Kim Basinger—is no stranger to a giant hair transformation, but her latest look may be the boldest yet as the model just debuted a blonde buzz cut.

Ireland shared her Aug. 21 Instagram picture with the caption “don’t say I won’t” and showed off her new haircut. Buzzed by hairmeat

The hairdresser is her friend. Hannah BonettiThe couple took to Instagram and shared footage of Ireland as she sat in the chair during the transformation.

“Had the absolute pleasure of helping @irelandirelandireland go fearlessly into uncharted territory this afternoon,” Hannah wrote in an Aug. 21 Instagram post. We were expecting a major change, like bangs. But neither of us expected that our session would lead to a massive transformation.

The of haircut was described as “a celebration of shedding the which does not serve us anymore”