13 years on, Jenny HanCousins Beach is now home.

Amazon Prime Video adapts the novel of author in 2009. I Turned Pretty This SummerPremiered on June 17, the show offers a fresh YA love triangle that audiences will be captivated by. It’s a story about one girl and her brothers who she spent vacations with. The show is basically about a. Taylor Swift Song comes to life.

While there are many ways to help the To all the boys I have loved beforeHan is the inspiration behind this film franchise. OtherThe bestselling trilogy became an instant cultural phenomenon following the 2018 premiere of the first Netflix movie. SommerShe has been thinking about it for quite some time. 

CelebHomes News spoke to Han in an interview. Han said that it has been “a very long journey.” It had been considered for a film or TV series, but I never felt it was right.