“I know it sounds dreary and not sexy, but I think the most important part of it is companionship,” Parker added, echoing what Broderick said in 2014 about being “friends above everything else.” SJP continued, “For me, it’s about asking myself: who do I want to sit with, in Ireland? Who do you want to visit those ruins? Who is still the most challenging to me? Who do I like best?'” (They have a cottage in County Donegal, Ireland, near where Broderick’s family hails from, and Parker also loves getaways to their Hamptons beach house.)

About that very particular pitfall that almost all couples run up against after a long time, “It’s very normal to be interested in other people,” the actress said. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must follow through.

Parker and Broderick have weathered their own tough times and been the subject of split speculation—an inevitability in their line of work. When they bought their house in Brooklyn, the end was rumored to be coming, and there were rumors some years ago that Broderick cheated, about which SJP reflected to Harper’s Bazaar 2013. “Yeah. It didn’t interest me.”

When she was just a young actor trying to make good work out of their marriage, things were simpler back then. She said, “So, when we came up in conversation about our marital status, it wouldn’t occur to me that we were obliged to answer to gossip or allegations.” While you need to be cautious, you must also take a stand and stick with it.