But for the most part they really keep it together by being physically together, with Urban hopping on a plane one night and Kidman doing the same whenever the country—or oceans—need crossing.

Kidman saidDuJour about the time Urban took a pause mid-tour in the U.S. to fly to London to see the opening night of her play Photograph 51. She recalled, “I said, “It’s too difficult for you to fly all that way back, don’t worry,” and he replied, “I’m flying.” He flew for 10 hours to be with me that night, then flew back to do a gig. That is for me love in action. That’s amazing. But I would do the exact same for him, and that’s what we have committed to as a couple.”

They don’t always rack up airline miles. They also earn fuel points.

“That’s basically what I’ve seen of America on that basis.” [tour]She also spoke out about the bus InStyle. “Keith, and I, are both gypsies at hearts. We can make ourselves at home wherever we are. We take the girls everywhere, because they are like that now.

Kidman said WSJ. last spring that, in recent years, she’d pass on films if they took her away from the East Coast for too long while their daughters were in school, though sometimes, especially now that they’re a little older, it’s more feasible to bring them to set (and give them big little roles to play).