Justin BieberAnd Hailey Bieber know they don’t have to go through their health scares alone.

Back in March, the 25-year-old model experienced what she described as “stroke-like symptoms” and was taken to the hospital, where she underwent a heart procedure. And earlier this month, Justin, 28, announced he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused temporary paralysis in parts of his face. 

Hailey and Justin are not only putting their health first, but they also want to live a relaxed life.

CelebHomes News was exclusively told by a close source that the couple made lifestyle changes. Justin cut down on his TV shows while Hailey slowed down work. Both decided to let their bodies heal and slow down. Both of their health issues at once have made their lives difficult and added a lot of stress.

And while their health scares appear to have come as a complete surprise, the source said both Justin and Hailey have remained supportive of each other and have been able to work through it.