Anna took me to the Russian home where she was raised. You can touch the walls and open your arms to feel the space. Since she was five years old, she spent eight hours every day playing out of that house. It’s amazing to me. She is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever known.”

They’ve been all over the world on vacation like glamorous celebrities, but part of their charm is that they usually keep date night local like regular people, whether they’re catching a Miami Heat game or just going out to dinner, or taking their boat for a spin (that’s considered regular in Miami Beach).

In fact, after they were rumored to have broken up in 2013, the inevitable rumor-quashing pictures of them on the boat were forthcoming.

Kournikova stated that It Graham Norton Show Their issues as a couple were just normal. When asked if Iglesias had left behind his towels, she replied, “Yeah. And you can find underwear everywhere, dirty socks, and everything.” 

Norton said, “At most it’s Enrique Iglesias’ dirty underwear,” You can find it at eBay.