Jackson was her first encounter in 2006, and as Jackson later described, it was a hilarious comedy.

First, she shared her story. Conan O’Brien in 2013, she didn’t agree to a date-date. Kruger stated, “I accepted to have drinks alongside him.” Kruger explained that he had dinner plans with another person, and therefore I don’t know if I said yes to dinner.

Jackson called her just as she was about ready to go at 9 p.m. and said that they had reservations for dinner. She recalled feeling really sorry for Jackson, who looked eager to leave. He put on a clean shirt. Then I felt okay. Let’s go.'”

Kruger claimed that she was allergic to flowers from the romantically themed restaurant where he had taken her. Kruger drove her back home in his “piece” of s-t car, then said that she needed to be kissed goodnight. Kruger leaned in to say goodnight to her, and he remembered that he was “a piece of s–t” when he drove her back to the hotel.

Jackson was apparently swept off his feet, because he defied her expectations and sent her flowers and a box of tissues to curb any sudden sneezing fits the next day.