She told Highsnobiety that she maintained her beauty routine during the height of the pandemic even when she was just running errands or taking Lea to school, saying, “You can’t leave your house with dirty nails and dirty hair—even though I really want to sometimes. We didn’t get to walk on red carpets during lockdown. “I was like, “I have to make school runs enjoyable.”

Cooper is aware that she can look like her self attracts attention. Cooper and she have also had The Talk about the desire for people to take photos of Mommy, Daddy and their children.

“Sometimes my daughter is scared—she sees the paparazzi from miles away. She’s a KGB baby,” Shayk quipped, invoking the surveillance state in her native Russia. She said, “They are just doing their job. Their livelihood is made by selling photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared.

But she’s let it be known she isn’t going to aid in any efforts to make her daughter’s face famous. Despite her rare inclusion of a mysterious pal in a gorilla mask on Halloween, her Instagram primarily remains a fashion-only zone to show off what she’s working on (or wearing, or putting on her impossibly dewy skin, etc.).