Seeing Scheana and her nearly-1-old daughter, Summer is more difficult now that she and her fiancé, Brock Davies, live in San Diego. Brittany said that Brittany is always welcomed and invited to every event. Brittany said, “I loathe when people say things like, “Why are Scheana and Summer never there?” Scheana isn’t in town. Scheana, Summer and I are so in love with each other. This is truly amazing.

The rest? Vanderpump RulesBrittany said, “I want to be the best for everyone.” Jax’s best friend was also included. Tom SandovalHe was admittedly not invited to Cruz’s party, but he did like her. Jax, Tom and her said they don’t like one another but are just not close. 

Tom SchwartzHowever,Was at the birthday bash—as was his ex, Katie Maloney. Brittany stated that they are rallying behind them both, sincere words she spoke of the couple recently separated. Katie is keen to see that happen. Katie loves Tom and is extremely open about it. It should be easy for her. Both are close friends. They still get along and hang out.

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