This is J. LoAn ex-partner works through his feelings regarding her engagement. The Mask Singer?

Panelists were introduced after the debut performance of costumed frog Prince. Jenny McCarthy wonders if Alex RodriguezAs seen in the sneak peak from April 20th’s episode of the singing contest, she is below the crown.

After seeing the big, old diamond Prince gave Jenny in his clue package Jenny made an educated guess.

Jenny says that she saw the diamond and thought it was a baseball diamond. The engagement ring might be the infamous J. Lo. It’s Alex Rodriguez, I believe!”

Jenny isn’t the only person who loves America’s obsession with the brain. Prince included a 2006 reference in his clue package, which helped to get some wheels turning.

“When I first heard the voice, it was a shock to me. Enrique [Iglesias],” Robin Thicke says. “But, I’m on the athlete tip, and now that it’s 2006, could it be Prince of New York? Derek Jeter?”