Ashley Iaconetti‘s baby shower looked like a mom-to-be’s version of paradise. 

After five months, she and her husband were married. Jared Haibon announced that they were expecting their first child together, a baby boy, the Bachelor in Paradise alum enjoyed a fun-filled baby shower on Sunday, Dec. 12 ahead of her little one’s arrival.

CelebHomes News interviewee Ashley shares that the blue and silver decorations at her baby shower sponsored by Snuggle Me Organic were for two very special reasons.

“My friend Maura GaudioThe decor was created by Happening Entertainment, Ashley’s production company. Ashley said that the decor was bright and shiny for two reasons: one it was for her son and two it was winter so it felt wintery. “We had stars up in the sky, and it was very cozy, and very pretty. My sister did a lot of the game planning.” 

One of the games, Ashley explained, entailed melting up several types of candy bars in a diaper. Then, she explained that the diapers were passed around to help you determine which candy bar was in each one. It really does look like poop.