Costume designerJanty HatesDirector: I had been waiting for years for a film about the Gucci Family to be made. Ridley Scott and his wife and producing partner Giannina ScottThe rights must be first acquired Sara Gay FordenThe bookGucci House: The Sensational Story of Murder and Madness, Glamour, And Greed in the early 2000s.

CelebHomes News spoke to Yates in an interview. “I would always put my hand in and tell them, ‘Don’t forget about me, don’t forget us,’,” Yates said. “And [Giannina]Would say, “I won’t dare to love.”

After years of languishing, Yates was finally given permission to take over House of Gucci’s vast wardrobe. 

Yates stated that she was on vacation in Rome and received the script. She then read the entire thing aloud, crewed with my second Italian family, who are great to work with, and went to Florence’s Gucci museum, which has a wealth of knowledge.

Yates was contacted by Scott a week later to inform him that production had been delayed. The Last DuelYates also worked on this before. House of GucciIt was resumed in the next year.