These are Dr. Oz’s big plans after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Mehmet OzIt is on the air, and you can vote!

On Monday, Dec. 13, Sony Pictures Television confirmed that The Dr. Oz Show will end in January, after 13 seasons, as Oz runs for a senate seat in Pennsylvania as a Republican candidate, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, we will not be entirely Oz-less. The series will be replaced with a spin-off that Oz’s daughter co-hosts. Daphne OzTitle Good Dish. Emmy-winning host who is well-known for her roles on The ChewWill you join?Chefs of the Top judge Gail Simmons and Next Food Star winner Jamika Pessoa to host the new series.

Though it was previously reported that The Dr. Oz Show had been renewed until 2023, the last episode will air on Jan. 14. 

On Nov. 30, Dr. Oz announced that he was entering the Pennsylvania Republican primary, crediting the pandemicAnd the country’s response to Covid for inspiring him to run for the office seat, stating that “the system is broken.”