Angelina said that no child should ever have to leave their home, witness their family’s murder, or suffer the shelling or destruction of their houses. That is the reality for so many children around the globe, including in Ukraine.

Angelina is advocating for safe passageways between countries to be opened in order to allow the urgent evacuation of Ukrainian civilians as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid to its people, especially children. She is also urging for support for all people who have been displaced in other countries as a result of conflict too. 

“There are well over 84 million people displaced globally at this moment, over half of them children, who also must not be forgotten,” she shared in her statement. “The outpouring of support for the Ukrainian people globally is an opportunity to recommit to the right to security and equality of all people, and to building a stronger United Nations that is better equipped to prevent conflict and uphold basic human rights, whether in Ukraine or in any other part of the world.”