There is no simple way to talk about bees and birds, especially with children.

But Dax Shepard told Gwyneth Paltrow on the Armchair Expert podcast that Kristen Bell has an “ingenious” way of educating their daughters, Delta, 6, and Lincoln, 8, on the topic of sex. He shared that The Good Place starTelled the girls, “The woman takes the man’s penis and puts it in her vagina.”

“Rightaway it’s like, and you’re in control of this and you will decide that you put this in you vagina,” he said. “Not the man places his penis into your vagina.”

According to Dax, Kristen learned this from someone else, but he still thinks it’s so smart, explaining that it’s “a little subtle thing” that can make a world of difference. Dax said, “Yeah. You’re in driver’s chair; he’s got a ridiculous protrusion, so that it would appear that he was in driver’s. But, you’re going that you’re going put that in. “And I was like, “Oh, that’s just a little adjustment we’re making.”