Buying an expensive luxurious house can be taxing in terms of maintenance and security. While on one hand, you enjoy the comfort of your house, you should also ensure that you are doing enough to ensure the safety and security of your house. Here are some of the most important items which are used by homeowners to protect their house in order to avoid any kind of theft or robbery. 

Install digital lock

Gone are those days when you could just use a lock and key on your door and go out without worrying about your house being robbed. Traditional locks are easy to break and would only take a few seconds for expert thieves to get it. It is, therefore, better to install digital locks at least on the entrance door. 

Digital locks not only provide top notch security but also ensure that you can see your guest at the door from your living space without having to go out. These locks have a camera installed with it along with a monitor that is kept inside the owner’s house. Remember, all thieves do not need to barge into your house. They can come masked as a salesperson and cause you or your property harm after they are allowed inside. 

Thus, when somebody at your door rings the bell, you are able to see him from your room without having to open the door. Thus you can choose not to open your door if you feel suspicious of the way he looks. 

Connect with a security agency

Have you bought a house in a new locality? There are a number of things to do in that case that you need to be wary of. Contacting a security agency as soon as you shift to an expensive house is one of the most important things that you should do. You can also choose to directly post a security guard at your gate so that your house is constantly secured. 

Getting a security guard from a recognized agency is however better. What if your guard turns out to be a thief? Do you have enough information about him? Security agencies generally employ people after they have all verified details about him. Therefore the chances of a guard turning into a criminal are rare when you get them from these agencies. 

However, even if they do, you can always go to the agency and register a complaint and they would help you to track the person concerned. Though the costs incurred in posting a guard through a security agency are higher, it is also safer. You no longer need to worry about the safety of your property anymore. 

Get your house insured 

Remember, taking preventive measures also include getting your house insured. What if you have taken all the security measures possible and yet some of the most expensive things get stolen from your house? Of course, most will not be able to buy them again by draining their existing resources. Home insurance comes to play here as it provides the necessary financial back up in such cases. 

Renters insurance provides some financial coverage for your personal belongings. There are a number of insurance policies, which have different coverage amounts. For instance, you can apply for a lemonade renters insurance quote to see if this coverage works for you. Make sure your policy gives you enough coverage for your stuff. The amount you pay on your monthly premiums is in direct relation to the amount of coverage you receive. Install CCTV cameras

Another efficient way of protecting your expensive house is by installing CCTV cameras at the entrance of your door. This helps you to monitor the activity of different people who enter your house for different purposes. CCTV cameras also help you to monitor the movement of people even immediately outside your house to understand their motives. 

In case you have a large house and a small family, you can install CCTV cameras inside your house as well. This helps you to monitor everything from a single screen. CCTV cameras are just not efficient in detecting the movement of the people in your house, like a maid or your guard but it also helps in monitoring the overall maintenance of your house. 

In conclusion

It is evident that your responsibility does not end with buying a house. There’s a lot that you have to do in terms of ensuring its privacy, safety and security. Mentioned above are some of the most essential elements that you should buy and install in your house so that there are no chances of any intruder barging into your house. You can also look up for several other items which might help you to protect your house.