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There’s just something so nice about winding down the work week and heading into your weekend plans on a Summer Friday. Ice CubeSummer Fridays is the main focus of Summer Fridays After all, no one enjoys Friday more than the rapper. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters teamed up to create a competition that focuses on the best seasonal drink, iced tea. 

CelebHomes was told by him that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters had the ideal solution to brewing iced coffee. We’re really excited to kick off summer Fridays together with Ice Cube.

You might think that iced coffee means just pouring hot coffee on top of ice. You need to make sure your coffee is perfectly concentrated and doesn’t become diluted with ice. Green Mountain Coffee Brew Over Ice K-Cups have been designed with cold beverages in your mind. You can say goodbye to iced, watered-down iced coffees.

Ice Cube stated, “It’s going to be perfect everytime.” Coffee pods are easy to use. You can make any type of coffee with it. It’s easy to make coffee at home and no measuring. Simply grab your K-Cup at the convenience of your home, and then pour it over ice.

CelebHomes exclusive interview with Ice Cube reveals more about his favourite iced coffees and Green Mountain Roasters’ Instagram contest.