Carly Shay is officially set to influence us all over again.

Paramount+ is a revival iCarly will drop the first two episodes of its second season on April 8, and we have your first look. 

Carly is in the trailer.Miranda Cosgrove() shows you traversing treacherous terrain of family, love and work in your mid-20s. This is no simple feat. 

Carly continues her quest to revive her web channel, with the help of Freddie and friends.Nathan KressHarper (Laci Mosley), while fan-favorite older brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) continues to encourage—and embarrass—her every step of the way.

The new season finds some of our beloved cast members facing bigger—and more modern—problems than ever before. Paramount+ reports that Spencer and Harper “enable new career and personal developments,” while Freddie will balance raising funds. [daughter]Millicent is now with a brand new app and a girl friend.” 

They are so quick to grow up!