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If you’re anything like mine, you know what I mean. glued You can watch your screen at night. Euphoria is on. Each episode is packed with drama and fashion. And, of course, beauty beauty tips. While we all know the makeup artist and hairstylists make the cast look glamorous before they start filming, the actual show is a lot more interesting. Sydney Sweeney character Cassie Howard wake up at 4 AM to start her multi-step self-care routine.

While I don’t get up at 4AM, her instructions made me notice products I already owned and others I was interested in trying (like the heatless curlers). While I believe that it shouldn’t be necessary to get up at 4:30 AM to go to school or work every day, I value self-care and making time for myself when possible (especially while working remotely). My face is ice-rolled while waiting for my coffee to brew. I also have my under-eye patch on while I am sipping that cup of coffee. Before I go on camera for a Zoom meeting, I can keep my hair in those heatless curlers. You can easily fit all these items in and be able to multitask while still achieving your day’s goals.

You can choose to get up at a reasonable hour to complete the Cassie-inspired beauty regimen, or to fit my method into your busy schedule. Euphoria team definitely knows what’s up in terms of putting a beauty regimen together. These are affordable products that I have seen amazing results from. You will need to be careful. Thank you tempted to click “add to cart” as you read this.