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Valentine’s Day, no matter if you’re married or single, is the ideal time to give your love something. Flowers and chocolates are great ways to show your love, but why not give your Galentines something that they will actually use beyond this holiday? You don’t have to worry about choosing the right gift. Alexis Ren has you covered.

From chic bags and clean beauty products to ambient lighting and NFTs, the wellness entrepreneur has unique gifts ideas that your loved ones will actually use. Alexis explained that Valentine’s Day goes beyond gift-giving.

It’s an excellent reminder of what really matters. The model said that regardless of how much pressure and expectations we place on this day, it is possible to return to the true spirit of the holiday. This will allow us to be grateful for everything we have, and to not feel guilty about the holidays.” It’s an opportunity to appreciate what we have and bring that appreciation into your daily life.

If gift-giving is what you love, take a few moments to be grateful on Valentine’s Day. Scroll below for Alexis’s inspiring ideas!