Hugh JackmanHe is still grieving for his star dog “rockstar”, Dali.

The Australian actor took to his social media accounts to share the heartbreaking news that his beloved French Bulldog died just before his 12th birthday.

Last night, Dali, our Frenchie and beloved, died. He would’ve been 12 next month … which I’m told is a long life for this breed,” he wrote on Aug. 6, along with a photo of himself smiling alongside the pup. “I have called him the ROCKSTAR since he was born. He was!

In the post, Hugh, 53, also reflected on Dali’s “good life” and described him as a dog who marched to “the beat of his own drum” and “was beloved by the whole world.”

We will be missing him, but know that he’s in heaven ruling the roost. He can also enjoy the buffet. “RIP Dali Rockstar Jackman. We love you.”