Hugh Grant It was pretty much “doctor…who?”

There are rumors that Grant might be in talks to become the new doctor. Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be time traveling in the TARDIS anytime soon. On March 21, Grant set the record straightOn Twitter.

Actor at 61, Reposts an Article from The GuardianAccording to a statement by, the Daily MirrorHe had previously reported that the actor was interested in the role. His reaction? He replied, “I have nothing against Dr W. But I am not. “I have no clue where the story is coming from.”

This was March 19. Daily Mirror According to reports, showrunner Russell T Davies wanted to cast Grant, as he would “‘bring a fresh feel’ to the role,” according to a “TV Insider.”

Grant’s Twitter post was met with disappointment by many. 

Twitter user: “Didn’t believe so…but it’s sad,” wrote one user. You would do a great job in this role.

One added: “It probably was someone wishful thinking.” You would be perfect. I’m sorry. But, thanks for your help.”

And others think he might as well just do it! 

A fan commented, “But you would be brilliant.” Make it happen.