The Deputy Chief has returned.

Sources close to the production line Law & Order: Special Victims Unit confirms to CelebHomes News that Demore Barnes will reprise his role as Christian Garland in an upcoming episode of season 23.

On March 21st, the actor teased that he would be returning to the NBC show. He captioned an Instagram photo with “What?” Did you think that there would be another? #svu #christiangarland #notallheroeswearcapes #seeyousoon.”

Barnes was last seen on SVU in the episode “Never Turn Your back on Them”, season 23’s premiere episode. It aired September 23, 2021. He decided to resign as the Deputy Chief for the Special Victims Unit. His character resigned as the deputy chief for the special victims unit following Chief Tommy McGrath.Terry Serpico) admonished him for speaking out against police misconduct. 

Barnes stated that he didn’t know the reason for this incident at the time.

Even so, the actor expressed gratitude to Dick Wolf Entertainment for casting him, saying he’s “so very proud to have played the first Black deputy chief in SVU history.”