Nervousness can make meeting your partner’s parents difficult to bear. Think about how nerve-wracking it can be to see your parents. Jasmin Lauren Taylor HasselhoffFeel what your suitors feel

The Ranch Rules are Relatively PopularCelebHomes News stops stars Daily Pop Feb. 8 and revealed what it was like to grow up with famous parents—and having them meet their dates. 

Jasmin (whose father is Martin Lawrence, said. “I don’t often have to tell that. Someone else does or on social media.” 

Jasmine’s current boyfriend didn’t need to be concerned about Jasmine. Eric MurphyBecause he has had some experiences growing up alongside a well-known father, Eddie Murphy.

Jasmine stated, “There is so much I don’t need to explain. He just gets it.” And that’s really really lovely.

She continued, “I think we just balance each other out really, really well…so it is a good match.”